Claw & Scramble Update

The Claw & Scramble mixtape should be dropping late June-early July, and will be available for free download on this site, and others. At this point I ain’t even trying to stack dough off moving units, just want this product to hit the streets.

Claw & Scramble is a collection of eight new tracks, two re-mastered remixes from the vault, all interspersed with audio snippets from the Wildcat documentary, arranged to paint a picture of the whole Wildcat struggle, and evolution.

We ain’t even charging dough for this project, so ain’t no reason not to support it. Everybody go download it, bump these joints, and please make sure to each tell three people to go check it. Then, please make sure each of those three people tells a next three people, in order to help spread this collection of wild fire. Pyramid scheme dreams, white-collar slime all day. #helpletwildcatoutdabag