Claw & Scramble Update #2

I’d planned to drop the “Claw & Scramble” mixtape this spring, but obviously we’re behind schedule.

First off, apologies to all my fans for the wait, cuz I know the rap game’s in a hurting place these days, and the streets are hungry for that old-school realness. I feel your hunger but please bear with me ya’ll, it’s dropping soon and will be worth the wait.

Had to get this new website popping, and get more social media platforms lined up before it drops, to hopefully get a bigger push behind this mixtape.

I’ve also been steady lacing tracks for the past few years, probably got two or three projects worth of material in the vault, so just been a matter of sequencing all the best tracks in ways that flow together tight both sonically and conceptually, which has been a fun, but challenging process.

We almost there, and the final product will speak for itself. So everybody please sit tight, try not to drown in this sea of wackness the rap game’s become, cuz Wildcat’s coming outta hibernation.

I look forward to repping the jungle harder than ever, and taking back the streetz by spreading some ferocious Wild Fire!

Catch ya’ll on safari soon,