New Show Flex

For years I’ve been performing to crowds of largely the same dudes who’ve supported me since time, and handfuls of strangers who don’t understand my style at all, leaving my shows confused, wondering what kind of twisted spectacle they just saw.

This awkward dynamic has grown increasingly frustrating over the years, forcing me to recognize I gotta switch something up to connect with a bigger audience.

The problem is that there’s a big comedic element to my shows, but at the same time I have a beastly work ethic, and am on a personal mission to cleanse the game, which I take very seriously. So most heads straight up can’t tell if I’m joking or being serious, as I’m often doing both.

Guess I’m bringing it on too many levels for most to over stand off their first impression, so I’ve been scheming on how to overcome this.

New plan is try to link some comedy show gigs, which I feel will help me transcend most pre-conceived notions about rap, and hopefully reach a more open-minded, accepting audience. Which would be nice, cuz I need to branch out past my core fan base and various haters, screw-faced goons and thugs, whom see me as some misguided, white-boy weirdo making a mockery of rap.

So that’s the new Wildcat show flex, going forward. More details coming as they unfold