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A Note on the MC Wildcat Album Reviews by Edward J. Sneed

by MC Wildcat

When I first came out, I was eager to get my name out in the Toronto rap scene and get feedback from everywhere possible. So I discovered this now defunct website,, who reviewed independent rappers and had a particular demand for Canadians, as they had to fulfill certain minimum monthly requirements for their Canadian content.

I ended up sending them every album I dropped, and each one was reviewed by the biggest hater ever I've ever met, this crotchety old hip-hop purist, Mr. Edward J. Sneed.

Sneed had quite a lot to say about MC Wildcat's contribution to the rap game. Though I didn't agree with most of his comments and impressions, I did find a few of them to be on point, but overall I just found his whole steez pretty damned funny, as he generally hated on everything I did with an ardent malice that seemed to burn from the depths of his soul.

For a while Sneed and I actually got tangled up in an intensely heated, personal rivalry, with me aggressively trying to step up my game to squeeze a positive review outta him, while he developed an increasingly raging hard-on for me and everything Wildcat music represents with each album successive I dropped. Like most Wildcat critics, Sneed's main problem was that he straight up didn't understand what I was trying to do as a rapper, and often harshly criticized me for making what he perceived were glaring errors, when usually I was just on some next shit that was over his head.

But no matter how many critical Wildcat tirades Sneed went off on, I always got such a kick outta his reviews that I felt a duty to print them all off to keep in my archives, which I'm glad I did. For now I can share them with ya'll, despite now being defunct, and Sneed having seemingly retired from being a professional hater. I just hope that ya'll don't interpret these reviews as a direct reflection of each album, but rather treat them more as sources of entertainment than insight, like I did, for 10 long years.

Peace ya'll, enjoy


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