Here To Regulate

When I was a shorty I’d hit HMV every weekend, and they always had more rap albums than I could afford, so I had to pick and choose the best one. Was one of them good problems you might say, and I grew up seeing the rap game as overflowing with dope MCs.

But pretty much since the early 2000s, there’s been so few dope MCs coming that I can afford to cop all the dope albums, and even that only adds up to maybe 5-6 a year, sadly. And I ain’t one to download shit neither, I like having the physical copies to check the artwork and all, and will happily support any MC keeping real rap alive.

I just think’s the game’s took some big losses that it never really recovered from, which seems to have allowed an influx of wack, formulaic, garbage MCs in without checking their credentials at the door, partly cuz there’s hardly no OGs around to regulate, no more.

So let it be known that Wildcat is here to regulate, and am on a personal mission to inject the game with realness, rawness and lyrical wildfire, like only me and my squad can.

I ain’t naming names just yet, cuz I wanna make my name off my own strength, not by dissing no next mens, but once I get a little more established in the game, if this wackiness persists, I’m coming for all ya’ll.

Fair warning, mufuckas—Wildcat’s on the prowl, so come correct or go find a next hustle, cuz I’m coming to raise the bar and eliminate ya’ll one by one, over-the-top-rope, Royal Rumble styles. Straight the fuck up